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1. When changing to Bioland Promithia will I experience a power outage?

No, there will be no power outage. Your power supply will continue to be provided by the existing national electricity distribution network. Your meter will simply be transferred from the Meter Register of the previous Supplier (today EAC-Supply) to the Meter Register of Bioland Promithia Ltd.

2. What are the charges incurred when changing power supplier?

For all consumers who have a STOD type meter (a programmable meter that records every half hour), there is no charge at all.

For consumers who do not have a STOD type meter, there is a charge for installing a new meter or changing the meter. This cost according to a Decision by CERA is paid by the consumer to the Distribution System Operator (DSO).

3. Where does Bioland Promithia provide electricity to?

Bioland Promithia Ltd provides electricity to all areas of Cyprus covered by the existing National Electricity Network.

4. In case of a power failure, who should I contact?

A power outage may be related to a fault in your installations or in the Generation, Transmission or Distribution System. Customers are advised to check upon their installation before applying to the Network User Service Centre by calling 1800.

5. What is the duration of the power supply contract I sign with Bioland Promithia Ltd?

The duration of the contract is agreed to be 12 months with the right to renew the contract for another 12 months.

6. Who repairs network faults or replaces the meter fuse that may occur during our cooperation?

The faults as well as the replacement of the blown meter fuses are repaired by the DSO. For meter fuse replacements there will be a charge from the DSO and it will be added to your next bill by Bioland Promithia.

7.  What about the guarantee deposit I have paid to Bioland Promithia Ltd?

The amount of the guarantee deposit will be returned interest-free to the customer after taking into account the amount of the final bill of the contract.

8. Is the discount calculated on the amount of electricity consumption or on the total value of electricity?

The discount is calculated on the energy cost of your electricity bill including the adjustment with the current fuel price, as it results from the respective fuel adjustment clause approved by CERA .

9. Are there Regulated charges on your electricity bill?

Bioland Promithia Ltd tariffs follow the existing EAC- Supply tariff structure. The Competitive charges consist of the Energy and Supply charges offered by Bioland Promithia Ltd with a significant discount (including the fuel adjustment clause). The remaining charges belong to the Regulated Charges and are the same for all Suppliers, including EAC-Supply and are regulated by CERA. These are the network usage charges, the ancillary services charges, the Public Service Obligations Charge, the RES and Energy Saving Levy.

10. Can the customer negotiate the price of electricity?

Our company, after receiving the historical data of electricity consumption of your premises (ie for a reasonable long period of time) and after processing these consumption data, will propose the suitable tariff with the terms of supply and a specific offer for the supply of electricity. The tariff offered is according to the voltage level at the customers connection.


1. When was the Electricity Market liberalized and what does this mean for the consumer?

The Transitional Market Regulation that has entered into force with CERA's Decision 04/2017, constitutes an interim period until the operation of the final market which is based on the Net Pool Market model. This means that customers now have a choice of supplier even during the Transitional Market Operation which in essence gives them a more attractive tariff with greater savings on their monthly bill.

2. How does the market work now that there is no monopoly?

The market operates not only through EAC-Supply but also through the licensed and integrated Transitional Market Suppliers. On the basis of the supply offer submitted by the Supplier to the customer at the request of the latter, a contract is concluded in accordance with the provisions of the Market and Supply Rules for the supply of electricity to the customer's premises. The supervision for the exercise of the rights and obligations of the Suppliers and the customers, in accordance with Supply Rules, is carried out by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA). With the above the customer is legally fully covered in his decision to change Supplier.

This transitional period will be in effect until the implementation of the Final Electricity Market which is based on the Net Pool Model.


1. Who is Bioland Promithia Ltd?

Bioland Promithia Ltd is a subsidiary of the Bioland Group of Companies and is the first licensed private company in Cyprus for the Supply of electricity to customers.

The Bioland Group of Companies has many business arms, which includes the construction, maintenance and operation of large scale Photovoltaic Parks. The company is fully licensed for the construction and the operation of most of the Photovoltaic Parks in Cyprus.

As from January 1, 2021, Bioland Promithia Ltd supplies Cypriot consumers with electricity produced solely by its Photovoltaic Parks.

2. Why choose Bioland Promithia Ltd as the electricity supplier for my business?

Bioland Promithia Ltd is currently the first and the largest company in Cyprus that can provide its customers to a great extent Green Energy.

Bioland Promithia Ltd aims to offer its customers the satisfaction that they use electricity that comes from technology that is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the atmosphere.

At the same time, Bioland Promithia Ltd has set itself the goal of offering the most competitive prices in the Market, thus giving its customers the opportunity to save money on their monthly electricity bill.

In addition, Bioland Promithia Ltd is organized in such a way as to be able to advise its customers on matters of its competence, related to electricity savings, better pricing and more efficient participation in the Competitive Electricity Market.


1. Where does Bioland Promithia provide electricity?

Bioland Promithia Ltd provides electricity to all areas of Cyprus covered by the existing National Electricity Network.

2. Who does Bioland Promithia provide electricity to?

Bioland Promithia Ltd at this stage selects its customer portfolio based on the characteristics of consumption, the tariff type and the solvency that these customers generally hold in the market.

At present Bioland Promithia Ltd is offering tariffs to commercial and industrial customers.


1. What is the process of changing supplier and transfering to Bioland Promithia Ltd?

The application form for the electricity supply offer (PRM:009.2) must be downloaded from our website completed, signed and submitted via email to our company representatives who will assist with the transfer process.

*In the near future the application process will be done and submitted online (in development).

2. During the process of changing supplier, will there be a power interruption?

No, there will be no power interruptions as long as your electricity supply continues to be provided by the existing National Electricity Distribution Network.

3. How long will it take to change Supplier?

It will take between 30 to 90 days provided Bioland Promithia has available generation.

4. Is there any cost to change Supplier?

No, there is no cost other than the cost of changing the meter if required.

5. What is the process of termination of supply with Bioland Promithia and what is the cost?

The procedure for terminating a supply contract with Bioland Promithia is as follows:

1. The customer must notify Bioland Promithia Ltd at least 60 days prior with a written notice.

2. The customer signs a new supply contract with a new supplier.

3. The customer authorizes the new Supplier to submit a declaration of representation of the customers meter.

There is no cost for the change, however bills and other charges to Bioland Promithia Ltd must be paid.

6. Is connection or reconnection necessary and is there a need to check the installation by an electrician installer in order to submit the responsible declaration for the connection?

It is not required since at any stage of the Supplier changeover process no disconnection or reconnection from the National Electricity Distribution Network is required, except for the visit of the Distribution System Operator's representative to the customer's premises in order to record the consumption meter reading.


1. How is the amount of the guarantee paid by the customer, calculated and what is its purpose?

The amount of the guarantee paid by the customer is calculated so as to correspond to a consumption of up to 2 months in accordance with the Supply Rules.

2. What will happen with the guarantee I have paid to Bioland Promithia Ltd?

The guarantee that Bioland Promithia Ltd will receive will be used to cover the supply of electricity in case of overdue debts.


1. Who is responsible for the meter readings?

The Distribution System Operator (DSO) has been authorized by CERA to create a seperate and independent Meter Service Department that will deal with the collection, storage and management of the metering data of all Suppliers.

2. In case of network failure and power outage, where should I contact?

In such cases you can contact the Network User Service of the Distribution System Operator on number (1800 directly) or through our Bioland Promithia Ltd call center.


1. How can I find out more details regarding the pricing and terms of electricity supply of Bioland Promithia Ltd?

You can contact us at 8000 6006 or send us an e-mail to where our representatives will be glad to assist you with more details.

Information on our tariffs can be found on our tariffs section or by viewing the following address

2. Are there any Regulated charges and what are they?

The tariffs of all Suppliers (including the EAC-Supply) contain the same regulated charges regarding the use of electricity transmission and distribution network, the ancillary service charges, the Public Service Obligation Charge and the RES & ES Levy that ends up in the special RES & ES Fund of the Ministry of Energy.

3. Are there any Competitive Charges?

Competitive charges such as the Energy charge (charge for electricity generation costs) and the Supply charge (charge for electricity supply costs) and meter reading charge.

4. Are there any additional charges?

There are additional charges that include the VAT charge and in case of overdue debts the legal interest on arrears. Note that the VAT charge is imposed on all charges (regulated and competitive) with the sole exception being the RES charge.


1. What are the payment methods for my bill?

Ways of paying bills are by standing order through a bank account or through a deposit or bank transfer to our Bank Accounts. Our bank acount details are listed at the bottom of our bill.

Bioland Promithia Ltd has prepared the relevant form for payment through a bank account which can be supplied by our Accounts Department.

2. How will my bill be sent?

Bills will be sent to your email.

3.  How often will I receive bills, and how often should I pay them?

Bioland Promithia Ltd will send bills to customers monthly, at the beginning of each month and will be given a deadline for payment until the 15th day of the month.


1. Can an energy consultant from Bioland Promithia Ltd visit me for more detailed information?

We are at your disposal to answer any enquiries and give information need. Just call 8000 6006 for an appointment.

2. Who can I contact if I am a customer of Bioland Promithia Ltd?

You can call 80006006 and email

3. Can I send the meter readings so as to check my consumption?

The meter readings are undertaken exclusively by the automatic electronic metering system MDMS (Metering Data Management System) of the Distribution System Operator, DSO, and based on these all customers will be charged, regardless of Supplier.