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Ensuring access to affordable electricity has become a cornerstone of our Bioland Promithia business in which we recognize the increasing need for electricity to create functional and comfortable lifestyles both for our business and our homes.

Our intention at Bioland Promithia is to ensure energy sustainability which is far more affordable but also has far less harmful effects to the environment which we service.

Through the generation of infinite clean energy sources, we  produce and supply electricity that is sustainable as well as more cost-effective, due to the technology we use.

As our production grows we aim to increase our services to a wider customer base who are able to enjoy the benefits of cheaper and more affordable electricity rates which will see a relief on your monthly electricity expenses.

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Affordable Energy
Competitive Pricing
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As a new generation electricity supplier, Bioland Promithia has the capacity to supply electricity to its customers from solar energy which is generated by our numerous PV Parks situated all over Cyprus.  

In entering the electricity market as a new industry competitive player our company gives our customers the advantage to greatly reduce their energy costs as we challenge the pricing structures of the dominant participant.

We remain committed in keeping our prices as low as possible to benefit our customers with the intention to provide Cypriot citizens with an alternative electricity supply that is industry revolutionary, sustainable, and ultimately cheaper than what has been offered to the Cypriot electricity market to date.

Personal Customer Care


At Bioland Promithia we pride ourselves on our personal customer care. Customers have the ability to interact with our Promithia representatives to discuss about their individual energy needs.

Through quality care we aim to cater for each of our customers unique needs as well as help them transition to from conventional electricity supply to Promithia supply.

If you wish to learn more about Bioland Promithia, our company representatives will be available to answer or present more details by appointment.


Alternatively, customers are encouraged to look at our FAQ section or you can Contact Us if you require any further assistance.

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Informative Billing
Informartive Billing.jpg


As we recognize the need for technology at Bioland Promithia we have invested in a sophisticated billing system customized for our Promithia customers.


The billing system is user-friendly, informative, and has uniquely built features where customers are able to track their electricity consumption.

Our billing portal ultimately helps customers, monitor their electricity consumption and costs but also helps to improve consumption behaviors.


Bioland Promithia smart system is necessary tool for all individuals and businesses customers, to stay on top of their consumption and electricity charges.

*Customers wishing to learn more about our billing invoice requested to look at our Bill Explanation.

Green Energy Supply


Bioland Promithia is the first energy supplier in Cyprus, to supply its customers exclusively with green energy. The Photovoltaic Parks with which Bioland Promithia has contracted are fully licensed by CERA and have obtained all the required conformity certificates from the Distribution System Operator.

Using the latest technology the production of each park is controlled at all times remotely by and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).

The electricity that Bioland Promithia provides to its customers is derived exclusively from Photovoltaic Parks through monthly bi-lateral contracts submitted to the Market Operator platform. Should additional energy is required by its customers this is secured from the National Electrical System. With these arrangements governed by the Transitional Market Regulations the customers of Bioland Promithia enjoy to a maximum extent Green Energy in their premises.

Bioland Promithia will soon be able to provide a customer upon his request, with a green energy supply certification. The process of issuing RES Guarantees of Origin (GO’s) is covered by the relevant legislation and regulations of the issuer of these certificates who is the Cyprus Transmission System Operator.

Reliable Energy Supply
Hanging Lamps


Bioland Promithia has signed the Contract for Accession as a Participant in the Transitional Electricity Market as a Supplier, from 1 January 2021.

According to the Rules of the Transitional Regulation of the Electricity Market, the Dominant Participant  (DP) does not participate in the Transitional Market but offers balancing services. If, in short, a Supplier is unable to meet the needs of its customers at the end of the settlement  period, which is the end of the month, the DP will cover this deficit with its own production.


The opposite will happen if the Supplier's customers will have lower demand at the end of the month at which time the DP will reduce its production accordingly.

With the above, Bioland Promithia is conventionally ensures a continuous supply to its customers regardless of the actual demand of the customer.

In accordance with the above Regulations, the CyTSO and DSO must provide unhindered access to the National Grid to the customers of Bioland Promithia.


This means that wherever a Bioland Promithia customer is connected to the National Grid, that customer will be supplied with electricity without any concerns.


The DSO maintains a Network User Call Centre and Bioland Promithia customers can be served by this Centre in the event of network faults  or their meter fuse failure .

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