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Growing our Business Network

The following article looks at Bioland Promthia's growing business network as well as notable Bioland Promithia mentions in the media.

Following our successful launch in January 2021, Bioland Promithia has appeared within multiple news editorials. We have been proudly recognised through our efforts in creating a premium electricity supply company catered for industrial and commercial clients.

Over the past few months, customers who have partnered with us received energy supply and aligned with us to uphold their energy goals. This was seen in recent press announcements which we were acknowledged for our electricity supply to robust Cypriot-based companies such as Unicars and the Papantoniou Group who have switched over earlier on this year to Bioland Promithia supply.

Other notable clients who have also shifted to our services over the past few months include companies such as Epic, Primetel, Peletico, the Linde Hadjikyriakos Gas, Kean, Iakovos Photiades Foodstuff, Sigan Management, Ambrosia Oils, Aquanova, Savvas Hadjgiorkis Mills, Unicars, Papantoniou Supermarkets, Papatoniou Bakeries, Dodoni Cyprus, Avgoustinos Food Industries, E. Pyrga, Chrysodalia, A. Tziniozou, Pissis, T.P Wood, N.X. Plastics, Peta Plastics, Papafilipou Group, Galatariotis Brothers, Francoudi & Stephanou, E. Neophytou Trading, Diapo, A. Mintikkis Farm, New SEVEGEP as well as P.S Cartons in naming a few.

Over the next few months, we will continue to roll out our new phase clients that we have agreements with and will continue to engage with other clients looking to change over to Bioland Promithia supply.

Below are listed links to some of the articles we have been mentioned over the past few weeks:

For more information on Bioland Promithia and to contact our Representatives, visit our Website: or call us on 8000 6006.


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