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Revolutionizing the Cypriot Electricity Market

May 2021 Update

At the beginning of 2021, Bioland Promithia Ltd started supplying electricity to commercial and industrial customers all over Cyprus. This was a particularly challenging socio-economic time with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic placing pressure on businesses that have had to endure many disruptions.

Despite these challenging times, we have come to recognize the importance of continued energy supply and the need for sustainable business practices. We are fortunate that at Bioland Promithia we were able to supply to our customers and have thus continued to strengthen our company.

Since beginning our supply, we have steadily grown our customer base in which we have seen many corporate clients switching over their energy supply to that of Bioland Promithia. The core of our business model has been entrenched in the renewable energy sector through our parent company Bioland Holdings Ltd and sister company Bioland Energy Ltd who have been developing and constructing solar photovoltaic parks for the past several years.

Within the premise of creating energy through the sun, we are proudly able to supply our customers with electricity through solar photovoltaic parks entrusted to us and through our own solar photovoltaic parks.

In continuing the expansion of our business, we recognise the growing interests of our clients with whom we have created energy partnerships with. Our business relationships are formally bonded in recognition of Cypriot companies’ energy goals, whilst recognizing the demand for businesses to receive energy supply that is less invasive to the environment but also less costly than conventional supply.

In recent months, our company has been recognized as one of the Top Growing companies through our growing business network and as revolutionaries in an industry that has traditionally not experienced much change. We look forward to phasing in more electricity supply services as we continue to partner and grow with more Cypriot companies but also to reach our domestic households in the years to come.


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